Step 1

Step 1 is by far the hardest exam of the three. Take it as the filter examiners use to daunt you and haunt you at night, while you sleep. It is said that Step 1 is by far the hardest basic sciences exam in the world. It doesn't surprise me if it is. If you already took Step 1, you know what I'm talking about.

Step 1 comprises 8 distinct, hardcore, mind-bending sections:

Biochemistry and Medical Genetics
Behavioral Sciences
Microbiology and Immunology

Of the above-mentioned, the one mostly asked is Pathology. Does this mean you can concentrate your endeavors in only Pathology? NO! Why? Because you'll fail, despicably. 

Common Mistake: NEVER concentrate on your strengths  Rather, go to your weaker sides and strengthen those. It's not about being great in one thing; it's about being well rounded across all the fields. If you boost all your fields you'll see how they help each other out. Let me explain: if you're good at physiology, pathology, and biochemistry, it'll be much, much easier for you to answer a pharmacology question because each topic boosts the other one up. Medicine is not one science but a mixture of many. 

Step 1 lasts 8 hours. The exam is composed of 322 questions, divided into 7 blocks of 46 questions each. You have 1 hour per block and 45 minutes of total break time during the exam.

Scared? You should be. I'm still scared of the exam!