Saturday, 1 November 2014

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The Quarrels of an Intern #2

You know, the interesting thing about medicine is you really end up understanding you know absolutely nothing. Maybe I'm over-dramatizing here, but it's true. I just went through my ID rotation and once I was swooshed out, I encountered a patient with a special type of UTI and I asked myself, 
"What should I do now?"

It's really amazing how treating a hypothetical case on paper (or on a screen) defers from treating an actual human being with many a problem. The question doesn't tell you the patient not only has a UTI with Klebsiella with a nasty freaking ESBL, but also a financial crisis leading to a divorce and a broken illusion.

So after succeeding in passing the USMLE steps 1-3 I find myself at the same point I was when I embarked on the epic journey of defeating the USMLE Step 1. I have to pick up the books once again and, like a great warrior once said, empty my cup and fill it up again.

I'm gonna go with some Internal Medicine either from Harrison's or MKSAP. I was also thinking of taking on the boards practice self-assessment APP by NEJM Knowledge Plus. Unless y'all have a recommendation. At any rate, as I slowly advance through my Intern year, I'll keep on blogging about my experience.

If you'd like to hear anything specific about my experience you can leave a comment and I'll gladly give you my impression.

Till then, ciao!