Saturday, 20 August 2011

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Personal Statement Optimization

You already know how important it is, to have your PS showing who you are and not only demonstrating your qualifications, but also telling it as a story would, seamlessly, and nonchalantly.

You don't want to use templates, because if anyone related to a Residency Program finds out, you're in big, big trouble.

So it's not just about squabbling who you are and that your dog rocks and that watching ants eating a carcass gave you inspiration to become a medical doctor; hell no! It's about the writing sequence, about how you sell yourself and of who you are and why you, out of all the thousands of candidates, have outstanding characteristics.

Remember, the PS represents YOU on the moment a Program Director sets eyes on the text. Do you think he reads 10,000 PS? Of course not! So what will make your PS outstanding?

I offer you three ways to optimize your PS with me, your USMLE Mentor. Check put the PayPal box below to see the options available. Now, to get started, you'll have to email me first to:

We'll discuss which of the options is the better for you. After choosing the best option, complete the purchase here and we'll be on our way to create the best possible PS for you.

Optimize with us your PS. Choose from the following options.