Thursday, 7 March 2013

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OK comrades, things look pretty clear to me: the NRMP Match Day is near and we are all trembling from the fear of receiving the unwanted email that will basically, let you know if you matched or not.

Am I scared? Hell yeah! I'm kinda freaking out about this intense period in my life, and I bet most of you are too.

If you haven't reached this period in your career and are still stuck on Step 1-2, don't worry, this is the least of your worries if you haven't defeated the USMLE. But remember, it kinda sucks, sitting by your computer, waiting for that day to come to let you know your destiny.

What ever happens, be brave and honest with yourself. You've come a long way and now, it's time to face yet another impediment to reach your goals. If you defeated the USMLE, then this is nothing compared to that. We will make it, the road is clear. We are wary, but not limited. Our mind has been hardened by the years of studying and suffering to attain a degree, and now a Residency Position. 

What do you make of this insufferable wait? Let me know your thoughts in the matter!