Friday, 1 February 2013

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The Greater Path: Your Daily Dose Of Motivation

This will be your daily credo. 

You will stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself intently. You will pierce you own pupils with your sight and you will visualize yourself as a Warrior, preparing to enter the holly battle to defeat The BEAST: The USMLE.

You will then repeat the USMLE Warrior Credo with overabundant passion, optimally just before you start studying:

"I will defeat the USMLE!"

"I will defeat the USMLE!"


"I am a USMLE Warrior and I will slay The BEAST, no matter what it takes!"

"I will succeed! I will prevail!!"

"240! 240! 240!!"

When you are done you will feel a sudden surge of power crawl trough your veins; you will feel empowered by yourself, your soul, by your own hand. It is time. Sit down and study! DEFEAT THE BEAST!!