Saturday, 26 January 2013

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Step 3 Strategy. How to Engage Your Study Material.

So remember that Step 3, unlike the previous Steps, is composed of 2 distinct parts, and is taken in 2 consecutive days, making this exam a mind crushing 16 hour long exam. Damn.

Yes, it sounds tough, and it is, but hey, if you've come along this far, then this is just an extra push. Bear with me.

To have a basic impression of how well equipped you are for the Step 3 material, begin by doing the following.

Buy Kaplan's Step 3 Qbook and start by doing 150 Questions per day, no breaks, simple dash through the questions. Why? Oh, here's why: You need to get used to work under pressure, if you can make your mind work well under serious amounts of fatigue and pressure, then you're set.

The Qbook has 850 questions. You'll be done in approximately 6 days. Wow? Yes, its like the Step 3 ICU. But its OK  because then comes the really tough part:

Reviewing the 850 questions. Do the same thing. Review 150 questions per day, starting from your weakest subject. 

In 2 weeks time you'll have reviewed a BUNCH of information. Kaplan's Qbook is a really good source of information, so I recommend you buy it.