Saturday, 12 January 2013

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Practice Questions: A Daunting Step Forward.

I've always heard my colleagues say how daunted they are about practicing questions. It's amazing how they avoid it, even upon knowing the benefits doing so grants you. There is NO VALID reason of why you FEAR practicing questions. 

Most of my friends avoid doing practice questions because they fear FAILURE. They fear looking at that percentage staring back at them with an awful 40% or 50%. You then go on thinking "Oh, man, I'm surely going to fail the exam like this!"

STOP IT!! You have to do practice questions EVERY DAY. Get used to heat of the moment! So you got it wrong. WHO CARES? Even better so, learn from your mistakes and move forward. Don´t freeze because you got it incorrect or because you failed to recognized the correct diagnosis! You learn double while doing practice questions: You learn to fix the mistake you made and even better yet, you get to review material while fixing the problem.

Bottom line: Do practice questions.