Saturday, 17 November 2012

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Practice Question #4

A 10 year old girl almost drowned in a pool. She is taken to the hospital by her parents. You are the first year resident and receive her at the ER. She is stabilized and she persistently presents 90 PaO2. Her sister is 9 years old and appears to be very worried. She doesn't understand what has happened nor why her sister almost died and asks you, why do people die without air. What is the most likely correct answer to the little girl's question?

1. CO2 has a higher affinity to Hemoglobin.
2. CO has a higher affinity to Hemoglogin than O2 or CO2.
3. O2 cannot attach to the Fe+3 in Hemoglobin, because O2 is in air. Thus death ensues.
4. O2 serves as an electron doner.
5. O2 serves as an electron receiver. 
6. The mitochondria uses the electron transport chain to generate CO2.

Remember, be thorough with your answer. There is no shame in getting it wrong. The mental process is what counts. Good luck!