Monday, 12 November 2012

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Practice Question #3

A 10 year old girl has suffered a wound while riding her bicycle. Her mother states that the wound was caused by a sharp wooden and "old" piece of furniture laying on the ground. She says that the wooden edge was covered in dirt. She appears to be very worried. Upon examination you see the area in her right lower leg swollen, red, and tender to the touch. There is pus coming out of the wound. You take a sample of the pus and send it to the laboratory. The lab technician tells you that he sees many cells bearing a nucleus of many and various shaped nuclei. Which of the following cytokine was most likely secreted in the girls body that summoned these cells?

1. IL-1
2. IL-2
3. IL-22
4. TNF-a
5. IL-8
6. IL-5
7. IL-4
8. IL-6
9. EGF

Submit your answer in the comment area bellow. Worry not, no one will judge you. This is a mental exercise. Please do be thorough with your explanation!