Monday, 19 November 2012

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For Step 2CK and 3, yes, I'm starting to study for Step 3.

I recently started studying for Step 3, that said, you'll be hearing a lot about it. If any of you have taken it and wish to give me tips, I'll gladly receive them. 

I've come across the same 3 bundle of words in Step 2CK and Step 3, 3 bundles you should remember and always try to think about when you're studying:

1. BIT
2. MAT
3. NBS

What the hell does this mean!!?? Ok, here it goes:

1. Best Initial Treatment
2. Most Accurate Test
3. Next Best Step

The above-mentioned are huge on 2CK and Step 3, so always try to think in those terms. Of course, you could add in there Most Sensitive Test and Most Specific Test, but those aren't as common as the above-listed.

So try to remember those when studying, you'll find yourself struggling less with the information you learn!!

Did you know you can download your free USMLE Induction Booklet? If you haven't, here's the link.

You can also access it in the section above called Free Downloads.

The first video of Step 2CS will be uploaded today.