Tuesday, 23 October 2012

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USMLE Step 1. A great challenge.

Studying for the USMLE Step 1 was one of the greatest challenges I've encountered throughout my career. It's not just about devouring books and completing QBanks, it's about grueling stress and mind torturing uncertainties. 

The truth is that no one can predict how difficult or easy Step 1 is going to be, for you--specifically--. 322 questions, 8 hours long; man, could it be harder for students to get into  a residency in the US?

The barrier is great and thus, so must our courage when diving into the study. We have to be prepared or else, the exam will defeat us, bar none. We have to become warriors!

If you're a student and you were to ask me "What would you have done differently?" I would answer:

- Do more questions and read less books. I found that I read too much and focused to much on information. Static information, I found, is useless. Until when I put my information into practice did I clearly see how insignificant stagnant information is. It is only when you can dynamically control the information you know that you can take less than 1 minute answering a 100-200 word questions, sifting through the answers, choosing one and clicking NEXT to move on.

If you're a student who has mastered the USMLE, what would you have done differently? Do you have any recommendations for students?

If you're a student and know that you have valuable tips for others, please share them! If you wish to post on this blog your tips, guidance, mnemonics, I'd more than glad to have you as a guest on this blog. 

As a body of students we must join forces and defeat this ordeal together. Contact me if you wish to share your valuable knowledge with students.

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