Monday, 22 October 2012

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Priorities. It's all about priorities! Your scores mean everything to you.

There’s nothing more important to you right now than your USMLE scores. Why? Because it means more than just bragging rights; it means your whole life—your future career as a specialist in the US. You have spent eight years or more studying and finally, it is here: The Journey. 

You have travelled far and spent years inside books, memorizing tons of information and living out grueling and stressful moments. Your dream is to become a future specialist in the US, but the barrier is a great foe—The USMLE—.

You begin to sweat by merely thinking about the amount of material you still have to memorize to not only pass, but to excel in the exams. You, dear colleague, need the proper mind-set, habits of excellence and hard-core solid principles to propel you as you journey to slay The Beast. You need to sharpen your mental tools and ultimately, be prepared for the day when you and The Beast shall battle for long periods of arduous pain until one of you is defeated. “Who will call out victory?” you ask yourself.

The victor, of course, should be you. But alas, the USMLE is built to detain you on your quest to become a specialist in the US and you, dear colleague, have to slay it, no matter what it takes!

I'm offering you mentoring. I'm offering you to be there with you every step of the way--when you're sweating, finishing 3 blocks of questions per day, when you've devoured First Aid for your third time--. I'm offering you mentoring through this website and through this book, which is about to be published on Amazon:

How to Utterly Defeat the USMLE (From a student to a student).

I suffered the same ordeal you are suffering right now and in this book I'll share with you all the game-changing techniques I employed to earn my score.

In summary, this is why you should read this book:

It’s packed with motivation and mind-enhancing techniques you should install in your hardware to better your performance. It’ll teach you the habits of excellence you should adopt and how to create solid principles to guide you—like the rails of a train—towards your goals and dreams. It will push you onwards when you feel defeated by the horrible pressure the exam exerts on you—even during your sleep! 

There is no safe haven from the USMLE and you need to get mentored every step of the way. And there it is, exam day. 

Are you ready? 

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