Saturday, 20 October 2012

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Let me be your mentor. About me:

Hello, Doctor. My name is Pablo Andrés Wunderlich. I'm a Medical Doctor from Guatemala. I studied medicine at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín and graduated in 2011. I'm a writer but mos of all, I'm a very curious human being seeking for optimal routes of expression. The USMLE Fortress is one of the Fortresses I keep. You can check out my writing career at Magician's Fortress or if you indulge reading in Spanish at Fortaleza del Mago.

Why I created this blog?

Because once I was a journeying to conquer the USMLE and score high. I was scared and I was running away from what I knew I had to do. The USMLE. It's daunting, I know. But you and I share a dream: to become future specialists in the US.

When I started studying for the USMLE, loads of questions overwhelmed my mind. Questions about what's the best course to take to achieve my goals? Or what's the best Qbank to answer as I study?

Ultimately, as I wandered deeper and deeper into the world of the USMLE and understood how to engage my study material, I also grew confident and started mentoring my fellow mates. I took the Kaplan courses at Houston and it was there where I started mentoring other students. Of course, I had my own mentor and surely, he had his own.

At some point, we all need mentoring. I sure did and so do you. Why? Because it'll make your journey easier. You may be making several mistakes and not be aware of it. Why? Because we are powered by impulsive power and when we dig deeply into the study we seldom stop and ask ourselves if we are making the correct choice of actions, habits, and principles.

This site along with the book How to Utterly Defeat the USMLE will get you on your way to conquer your goals.

It not just about passing--it's about excelling. You want that residency position, as 30,000 thousand other students do, too. So get prepared, clad yourself in armor and sharpen those weapons to fight against the USMLE!