Sunday, 21 October 2012

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It's all about planning and creating an effective strategy.

To conquer your goals and score a competitively in the USMLE you need more than just your dreams. You need arduous passion and a great heat-pumping desire to do so. Yet, passion is not enough. Not here. Why? Because you need strategy and planning to understand how to effectively use your time and optimize your learning properties.

Use your time effectively

To use your time effectively means to be able to maximize the allotted time you have chosen as "study time". It means that during this period of time you will concentrate your forces to Become the Warrior. This means trying to focus your mind's eye in one thing when you sit down to study and it meas, ultimately, that during that period of time you will not day-dream or elude what you know you must do.

I've seen many students sit down to study and all the do is chat on their iPhone or Black Berry. Avoid mental slacking. 

Building a solid strategy

Strategy has helped man conquer his goals throughout history. If you play chess you know what having strategy means. It means to have a plan but also, it means to be dynamic and adapt to a given circumstance. First things first and you must always know what you goal is.

Always know the three digit number you wish to score. It's imperative that you keep on pushing your limits, always keeping in mind the number you wish to score. 

To build a solid strategy you need to understand the amount of material you wish to review. Start dividing it into small daily-doses and day by day take yet another step closer to your ultimate goal. 

In the end, scoring competitvely in the USMLE is all about attitude, mental-dynamism, and endurance.

Those qualities are exactly what athletes must have to win a match or to beat a record.

You are no different than an athlete. The only difference is that you, my friend, are going to be sitting down for 8-12 hours daily on a chair while an athlete will be running or jumping.

This is why you need the proper mental state and the proper attitude. This website is all about giving you the tools to build your attitude and ultimately, defeat the USMLE.

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