Friday, 19 October 2012

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How to DEFEAT the Beast: USMLE. Get great scores and become a competitive applicant.

It's easy to say but difficult to comply with. Yes, we all want to get amazing scores on our Steps but yet again, no one ever told you how difficult it would truly be. 

So you're ready to go. You've got your mind juiced up and your fingers are expelling vapor, ready to begin highlighting and pulsing the clicker to answer questions from a certain QBank. Damn. 

It's not that easy, you suddenly realize when you're 2 weeks into the study material and you feel that you've covered NOTHING compared to all that info you need to conquer before you can even start to think about WHEN you'll schedule a date for your 1st Step.

Nervous? Yep. We all are or were, depending if you already took your Steps.

This blog is being created as we speak to help you conquer your dreams defeating The Beast = USMLE.

You're a student, right? WRONG!

From now on you're a Warrior!! You entered this fortress without a weapon and without the knowledge, and you know what, you'll be trained and built to become a Warrior. This way, you're on your journey to Utterly defeat the USMLE.

This is you right now ----------------------->>> 

TRANSFORMATION through reading USMLE Fortress' posts....

This shall be you on your way to defeat The Beast!---->

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